Were you once helped by The Larry Slattery Fund? If so we’d love to catch up with you and hear what you’ve been up to, please drop us a line at enquiries@larryslatteryfund.org


“The Larry Slattery Memorial Fund were very supportive of my time at Junior Guildhall: it is never easy funding extra musical education, and I am so grateful to the Fund for helping and assisting me in achieving my musical goals. I warmly recommend them.”               Robert Scamardella, Keyboardist, Conductor and Teacher, and Deputy Director of Music at Bede’s in Sussex.

“I am writing to show my gratitude for the grant which I’ve got from The Larry Slattery Memorial Fund, which has enabled me to take up classes with my new teacher, who has helped me to move into performing direction.  Thank you very much and best wishes.”  Simon Skovgaard

“Our thanks to The Larry Slattery Fund for the grant we were given for music tuition giving our Cadets the opportunity to learn an instrument and be part our our Squadron Band, and also for the band equipment, without their help we would not have a band.” Squadron Band

“Many Thanks to you and the Trustees for your kind support.”  Jazz Drummer

“The Fund came in when we really needed help.  My son Simon had grown out of his previous teacher who taught him once every 2 weeks. His teacher referred him to a performing pianist, and the fund has helped secure weekly lessons for which we are deeply grateful for. With lessons from the new teacher, Simon has learned performing technique and received good reviews.”

“East Kent Holiday Music has benefited hugely from decades-long financial assistance from The Larry Slattery Memorial Fund. Our charity hosts an annual week-long children’s summer music course and the donations we receive has ensured that we have enough funds to assist parents with the course fees for children who might otherwise have not been able to attend”

“Thank you very much indeed for your letter. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your support towards my studies at the Guildhall.”

“Thank-you for the help you have given me, your generosity has enabled me to have a much better quality instrument, which of course makes it much easier to play….It is difficult for me to explain how much of a help your assistance is, but I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you most sincerely and let you know just how much I appreciate your help, Best Wishes.” Bassoonist

“Thank you very much for the support you have given me. it is very kind of you.” Harpist

“Thank you very much for your charity helping out with the costs for me attending the saxophone summer school in Aberystwyth at the beginning of August. I enjoyed it very much, learnt a lot and had a lot of fun with some new friends. I am very grateful for your help because I would not have been able to go without it.  Thank you”  Saxaphonist

“Thank you so much for your generous cheque towards a piano for William. He is thrilled with it and plays it night and day.”

“I am writing to thank you for your generous donation towards my college fees without which I would not have been able to proceed with my course. I know that Larry Slattery was a violinist and it is great honour to be supported by a fellow musician.”