We believe that young people should have the chance to reach their potential, so we help talented young musicians from lower-income backgrounds to continue their musical education, to progress, and to realise their ambitions.

Who do we help?
  • Young talented musicians who are under 18 and still in full-time education.
  • Young musicians in any genre.
  • Young musicians from lower-income families.
  • We are looking for exceptional musical talent to help, rather than beginner-musicians.
What costs can we help with?
  • Private music lessons.
  • Instrument purchase or hire.
  • Fees for music courses e.g. Saturday music schools, junior departments of the music colleges, specialist courses e.g. composing, workshops or master classes.
  • Accessories for example strings, reeds, cases, mouthpieces, sheet music.
  • Travel to and from music lessons, rehearsals, workshops or master classes.
  • The fund are unable to help undergraduates, postgraduates or are studying for their MAs.
  • The fund will not provide retrospective support i.e. any costs or fees that have already been paid or undertaken.
  • We award small grants up to around £300 for successful applicants.
General Notes

Our Board of Trustees make decisions on who are the most in need. We take into account the financial situation of each applicant and their musical ability.

The Trust has limited funds each year and applications will be assessed on a first-come first-served basis. It may be that deserving applications that are not made promptly may be refused due to the funds being exhausted. In these circumstances we would invite the applicant to re-apply early in the following year.

Grants will be awarded on merit and on a case-by-case basis taking into account all the circumstances presented by the applicant. An award of a grant one year does not guarantee an application for financial assistance in any subsequent year(s) will be successful.

Meeting the grants criteria does not automatically lead to the award of a grant. Applications that meet the criteria are reviewed and grants awarded by The Larry Slattery Memorial Fund Board of Trustees.

The Trust reserves the right in its absolute discretion not to award any grants if it is in the best interests of The Larry Slattery Memorial Fund not to do so.